A New Identity for the Çakırlar Matbaa Website

With Medyasoft’s cooperation, Çakırlar Matbaa, one of the pioneers of the printing sector in Turkey, updated its website to comply with current trends and user experience (UX).

A responsive design was used in the site that was visually enhanced and renewed to be mobile friendly.

Prepared in five different languages, the www.cakirlar.com website is presented to the user with no difference in content throughout the languages.

The site is managed easily thanks to the Medyasoft Content Management Panel (UniGate) it uses in its infrastructure.

Why Medyasoft

The owner of the Çakırlar Matbaacılık Company, Ahmet Çakırlar answered our question, “Why Medyasoft?”

“Today websites are companies’ display and a very important element of their network. That is why, as Çakırlar Matbaacılık, we wanted to set our goals further in our sector and cooperate with Medyasoft as they share our goals for this process. We preferred the Medyasoft Group for its thorough knowledge of web design, powerful references and professional staff. The Medyasoft Group started off on our project with their very sincere staff by analyzing Çakırlar Matbaacılık well and reaching its target audience.

Our website is online in five different languages now. With their innovative recommendations, the Medyasoft Group has also given our website a more corporate look. It is very pleasing for Çakırlar Matbaacılık to see that our renewed website can now reach more countries and more of our target audience with the changes in visual design and content and ease-of-use.”

About Çakırlar Matbaacılık

Çakırlar Matbaa has been providing the Printing and Packaging sector in Turkey with high quality service since 1977. With over 20 years of experience and know-how and its high-tech production capacity in injection molding IML, blow molding IML and thermoforming IML, Çakırlar has become one of the leading manufacturers within the sector in the global market.
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