Another step has been taken towards AA’s (Anadolu Agency) Centennial Vision

The “Resource Planning and Management System”, which will enable the financial and logistical processes of the Anadolu Agency to be run on a single system, has been put into operation.
The “Resource Planning and Management System”, which will enable the financial and logistical processes of the Anadolu Agency to be run on a single system, has been put into operation.

The “Resource Planning and Management System” that will enable the Anadolu Agency to run all financial and logistical business processes from a single system integratedly in scope of its restructuring program has been completed.

Medyasoft and SAP Turkey came together with the AA management at the ceremony held at the AA Editor’s Desk in honor of the activation of the system.
AA Financial Director Ural Yeşil stated that the project that they had been working on for nearly 8 months had come to a successful end and the training process had been completed.
Indicating that the AA has been on the rise under new management, Yeşil went onto say that other corporate projects are also being brought to life one by one.Full integration within the establishment

Stating that AA was a 92-year-old establishment and different systems had been used in its different departments, Yeşil pointed out that with the project, a full integration was achieved within the establishment. Yeşil also said that with the project, fast and effective data input would be enabled and that the customer service quality would rise.

An exemplary project

Medyasoft General Manager İhsan Taşer also stated that they worked with a result oriented establishment. He said, “Having put that vision on the table and seeing that same vision and a result oriented approach in all our friends at the AA is actually what speeded up the result that we have achieved today.”
Taşer said, ''These systems are the greatest supporters of visionary managers, because unless you reach the correct data, you have a hard time giving the right decisions no matter how much of a visionary you are. An exemplary project. When you look at AA in its old image it gives the impression of a public establishment, but with its current vision, we don’t see AA as a public establishment. I am sure that AA’s current vision will be an example to other public establishments.”

A new heart

SAP Software Turkey Marketing Manager Erdem Aksakal said, ''65 percent of the world’s economy is running on systems that touch SAP. 80 percent of the largest 500 companies of the world use SAP systems. AA has completed its transaction to SAP systems, which is being used by international companies like BBC and Reuters, and we are very happy to see this.”

The motivation of the team

AA Chairman of the Board and General Manager Kemal Öztürk stated that at the end of this month they will have completed one year in the process, and said, “We started talking about this in a room behind my room. We brought together the Editor’s Desk and all these applications in there.”
Telling us that they formed a restructure team with the participation of faculty members and experienced members of their own team, Öztürk said, “That team formed the foundation of our Centennial Vision. An important part of that foundation was technology and management, operation and infrastructure, which we had much difficulty about. Today, we believe that we have completed the infrastructure that comprises a great part of the ideas that were put on the table in those days.”
Stating that they were rejoicing in having achieved another one of their goals, Özütürk went onto say:
''We describe working at the agency as riding a bike, reading a book while riding a bike and talking on the phone at the same time and not falling down. This is how it is to be working at the agency right now. We are 92 years old but unfortunately we are an underdeveloped establishment. The goals we specified for our centennial, becoming one of the first 5 agencies in the world require us to ride our bicycle in this manner. We have no other choice. The height of our team’s motivation shows us that we will reach our goal.”

Our arteries need to be open

Stating that they divided AA under two main elements; managerial and executive general manager in charge of news, Öztürk went onto say:
''We have two main arteries that go to our heart. These arteries were a little clogged due to malnutrition and cholesterol, but now we are cleaning them up. We have to because we need to run very fast. Today we have opened one of those veins… If today Turkey is the strongest country, a playmaker in the Middle East, we are playing to become its voice. One of our slogans for our Centennial is “The Powerful Agency of a Powerful Turkey”. That is why we need to have a firm step and our arteries need to be open for our heart to be solid.”

We are building the agency that will reflect well on Turkey

Telling us that AA was one the establishments that made the least use of technology but they had changed that, Öztürk said, “We are building an agency that will reflect well on Turkey and this makes us proud.”
Stating that New Zealand’s national news agency was shut down last year and AP had declared loss for the first time, Öztürk said, “Right now the only news agency showing a growing trend in the world is the Anadolu Agency, besides the Chinese News Agency.”
Following the speeches, certificates were presented to key users that had completed the system training. Öztürk and the participants had photographs taken and a cake was cut in honor of the day.

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