Azmüsebat SAP Project Goes Live

Operating in the manufacturing sector since the1950s, Azmüsebat Steel Ind. & Tra. Inc. has achieved full intercompany integration with its transfer to SAP. During the transfer phase, Medyasoft consultants put in great effort and successfully implemented the SAP project.

Why Medyasoft?

The solutions Medyasoft presents owing to its knowledge base accumulated from working on numerous SAP projects and its experienced consultants offer fully integrated traceability with minimum effort and cost to companies.

The Presented SAP Solution and Services

SAP FI (Financial Accounting)
The tracking of the Credit and Leasing operations was done manually before the project was transferred onto the SAP system. The settlement date and interest tracking of credits and leasing can now be done over the system and their relevant reports can also be taken over the system.

Manually tracking periodic expenditures before, Azmüsebat Inc. can now track its periodic expenditures by determining the periods and can take anticipated reports over the system thanks to SAP's Accrual Engine system. This way they have simplified the tracking of periodic expenditures and prevented the loss of time.

Previously having a hard time getting sales reports based on regions, with SAP, Azmüsebat can now take detailed reports and analysis based on regions and customer representatives.

Customer and vendor aging reports and the listing of the balance of the customer and vendor according to their settlement date and the disbursement of the payments that our due with reports formed over the system by the SAP automatic payment program were enabled.

Monthly and annual anticipated fixed asset reports were enabled for the detailed tracking of Fixed Asset Reports. The structure required for the keeping of regular amortization records was set up.

Through the foreign exchange rate program, the rates determined by the TCMB (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey) are automatically transferred into the SAP system. This way, with the elimination of manual interference, the margin of error in transactions with foreign currencies has been minimized.

With the development of the Journal printing program, the receipt totals and transferred amounts of all documents can now be listed and printed monthly. A structure was formed in which record date, document type, document amount, account code explanation, receivables and debts totals are listed as entries.

An adjustment was made where BA-BS Reports are conformed by the Customer and mail, fax or print can be taken directly over the system.

With the UFRS Package, the UFRS reports that used to be prepared manually by outsourcing can now be prepared over the system complying with auditing standards.

SAP CO (Managerial Accounting)
With the right process construct and user-friendly screens, costs can now be attained correctly, easily and fast, and controlled and tracked.

Controls based on points of expense were written in order for expenditures to be formed in the correct places.

Product cost and sales cost reports and the reporting of costs in the requested breakdown was enabled.

With profitability reports, company upper management is supplied with useful, comprehensive, accurate data that can be used in the decision making process.

SAP PP (Production Planning)
In the Production Planning module; serial production implementation was realized in accordance with Lean Production modeling.

The tracking of the production units were enabled through material definition, coding and multi-level product tree. A structure suitable for waste tracking on every phase of production was set up. This way, a base for tracking and measurement for efficiency increasing activities was formed. Material definition, the tracking of mutual manufacturing work with the same material codes among the Lighter and Shaving Blade facilities and central purchasing advantages were established.

SAP QM (Quality Management)
With the start of the use of the Quality Management module; the controlled receiving of goods is enabled by doing the raw material and packaging input analysis over the system. Because the analysis input is tracked by the system, retroactive traceability and reporting is possible.

Before the project, the analysis outcomes were recorded into ledgers. With the Quality Management module, these are recorded onto the system and tracked over SAP.

In input control, the quality score of the suppliers can now be tracked based on the usage decision of the material.

Integration with the PM (Plant Maintenance) Module was achieved and its Calibration verification is now done over the system. Calibration forms were carried onto SAP, thus eliminating the forms.

SAP MM (Material Management)
Within the purchasing process, the acquisition of material was put under the approval of managers based on certain criteria. Information logs for outsourced raw material and subcontracted material were formed and the calculation of the most up-to-date material costs was enabled.

Thanks to MM supply management, all the movement and supply levels of the materials can be tracked over the system instantaneously. The service requests put in by the plant management module are forwarded to the MM purchasing department, thus allowing for orders and invoicing.

Thanks to SAP MM authorizing, the functions the depot workers, purchasing and accounting department personnel can perform within the processes have been determined.

About Azmüsebat Steel Ind. and Tra. Inc.:
Established in the1950s and operating as a luxury hardware wholesaler, Azmüsebat Steel Ind. & Tra. Inc. took its current name in 1987 and opened its first manufacturing facility at this same date. It started production with the Japanese brand TOKAI LIGHTERS.

In the 1990s, the manufacturing of refillable exchangeable flint stone lighters, produced only in Turkey, was begun followed by refillable electronic lighters and barbeque and kitchen type lighters.

Again in the same period, DERBY, the only shaving blade manufacturing company in Turkey running operations since 1940 was acquired and in November 1997, the manufacturing of shaving blades was begun in Azmüsebat Steel Ind. & Tra. Inc.’s facilities in Tuzla.

In the 2000s, the disposable shaving blades Samurai2 and Samurai3 began production. Additionally, the cosmetics department was established and shaving foam and cream, and in the cosmetics field, after-shave complementary products Balsam and Cologne production was begun.