Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality website and city portal opened

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality website is the first ever city portal of Turkey. A press conference was held to present the renewed municipal website to the press.

Designed in line with latest web trends, the Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality website is Turkey’s first ever city portal. Participants of the press conference, which was held at the Karesi Hall of the Municipality, included Medyasoft General Manager İhsan Taşer, Department Heads, and IT Department staff. Commenting on the conference, Mayor A. Edip Uğur said they were to “share information with press members as to which works had been done in relation to the Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality corporate website and Balıkesir City Portal.”

The Mayor also said: “Modern web technologies were used to create a design that matches the general character and identity of our website. Dynamic and visual themes complying modern trends were used. We worked with Medyasoft for this project. May our citizens benefit from it!”

The project was also covered by the national newspapers: