Four times excellent project for Önem Gıda

Delivering top-notch projects in the digital transformation of global giants, Medyasoft has successfully completed the SAP operation of Ülker’s unrivalled supplier company Önem Gıda. The Company raised the bar for its competition with the project Medyasoft simultaneously implemented across four different product groups in four months in four cities: Istanbul, Ankara, Giresun and Sakarya.

Supplying Ülker Group companies with semi-finished chocolate products in addition to hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, flour, pasta and powder cocoa used in flavored productions, Önem Gıda, which is a subsidiary of Yıldız Holding, trusted Medyasoft’s expertise for developing its SAP infrastructure.

Referred to as a “Four Times Excellent SAP Project” for being simultaneously implemented across four different product groups in four months in four cities, the Project accelerated Önem Gıda’s business processes with other SAP-using companies within Yıldız Holding. Thanks to the SAP program, which helped improve tracking and monitoring capabilities, Önem Gıda reached the same infrastructure as the other Yıldız Holding group companies.

Within the scope of Önem Gıda’s SAP transformation project, Medyasoft provided services in many fields including conceptual design, user trainings, preparation of main data, transition to live operation, live support during the first month, first month closing, second month closing, issuance of producer receipt, free zone invoicing adaptation, and byproduct cost system implementation. 

The project delivered to Önem Gıda by Medyasoft, who has an impressive record of developing custom projects for the digital transformation of global companies including Turkish Airlines, Ülker, Godiva, ING Bank, Novartis and Turkcell, aims at more effective process management between group companies, improved final sales performance, and reduction of costs.