Kerevitaş Gıda Sanayi Website

The first company in the frozen food sector in Turkey, Kerevitaş Gıda Sanayi’s corporate website has gone online with its new appearance.

Signing onto pioneer work in the frozen food sector in Turkey and presenting many firsts with a lot of variety in products under the Superfresh brand, Kerevitaş aims to carry its customer satisfaction onto the digital environment with its renewed user friendly interface.

Kerevitaş has chosen Medyasoft as a solution partner in achieving these aims. The most current technological infrastructure and a user friendly interface design was used on their website. 

The company can now manage many of its services, from corporate content to human resources and from its rich product range to investor relationships from a single interface in the most comfortable and easy way.
Some of the features that stand out in the sites renewed interface:

  • Responsive design up-to-date with developing technology
  • Trouble-free viewing across browsers
  • Easy and fast navigation
  • Flexibility and efficiency
  • Coming up on top in search engines with SEO
  • Easy in-site management and content updates, forming new pages, managing menus and categories without the need for technical personnel thanks to the UniGate infrastructure
  • Social media integration
  • The adding or management of announcements and news content
  • Slider management
  • Product management
  • Easily add pictures or media content
  • In-site search
  • The Unigate infrastructure that provides security and performance while sustaining high visitor traffic…

About Kerevitaş
Founded in 1970 at the Akçalar district of Bursa, Kerevitaş Gıda Sanayi’s foremost activity was the export of live crayfish to Scandinavian countries, which in 1980 evolved to the production and export of frozen fruit and vegetables at the request of the aforesaid countries. In 1990, by entering the Turkish retail market under the SuperFresh brand with fruit and vegetable, aquaculture and pizza products, Kerevitaş introduced the “frozen product concept” to the Turkish consumer, something that was very new back then.

Rapidly advancing the product range within the sector in a couple of years, today Kerevitaş is the company with the widest range of products in the frozen food market with its total of 128 products under the SuperFresh brand in the retail channel.  

Aiming to be a leading food company that always pleases and makes happy consumers, customers, workers and shareholders, Kerevitaş presents its services in around 50 dealerships at the İstanbul (European/Asian sides), Ankara, İzmir, Bursa, Adana and Antalya Provinces in Turkey and in a total of 25 countries abroad, mainly in Europe, the Middle East and America.