Kerevitaş receives Outstanding Achievement Award!

Kerevitaş website (, which was designed, coded and furnished by the Medyasoft Digital Solutions team, received the “Outstanding Achievement” award in the “Food/Beverage'' category of the Interactive Media Awards (IMA).

Renewed in January 2015, the website infrastructure is built around Unigate (, the omni-channel content management solution developed by the Medyasoft Digital Solutions team. With its well-designed information architecture and responsive design infrastructure, the new site offers the same experience on both desktop computers, and tablets and smart phones with internet connectivity.

At Interactive Media Awards (IMA), which is one of the most prestigious international awards of the digital world, websites are evaluated on the basis of design, content, ease of use, functionality, and user-friendliness.

Interactive Media Awards sets the highest excellence standards in website design and development, recognizing the most successful works in each category. Being a not-for-profit organization created by leading web designers, developers, programmers, advertisers and web professionals, Interactive Media Awards aims at raising excellence standards for web.

Kerevitaş website won the award by scoring the following points in evaluation:
Design: 93
Content: 96
Feature Functionality: 100
Usability: 94
Standards Compliance: 92
Total: 475
Visit to view the award certificate.
Delivering best-in-class projects with its own Unigate product, Medyasoft has received many national and international awards.