Medyasoft and WittyCommerce to cooperate in SAP Hybris e-commerce implementation

Medyasoft, who presents value added services to its customers in the fields of business solutions consultancy, software and informatics training, and WittyCommerce, who is an expert on e-commerce and has realized e-commerce projects both at home and abroad for many years now, have decided to cooperate in the implementation of the global e-commerce application Hybris (bought by SAP in 2013) to companies.

Developing cloud technologies force digital transformation onto establishments who aim to continue their existence in the new world. It has become unavoidable to provide the exact same experience over every channel in order to reach the customers behind each Internet object.

Projected to reach 75 billion in 2020, objects connected to the Internet will open a new era in commerce.

It is predicted that in Turkey, the ex-ante national income rise in accordance with the 2023 aims will also reflect onto e-commerce and the current 1.3% e-commerce penetration will rise to the world average of 5% in a short time.
Taking into account these developments in the market, Medyasoft and WittyCommerce have decided to join forces to present the Hybris platform, which resides in the top segment of the Gartner Magic Quadrant and was bought by SAP in 2013, to local and global establishments who aim to realize their digital transformation and make use of the opportunities of new commerce in the fastest and most efficient manner. The cooperation protocol was signed by Medyasoft General Manager İhsan Taşer and Board Member Adnan Metin and WittyCommerce partners Aytek Ekici, Bülent Partal and Cengiz Can on January 22, 2015. 

With Hybris’ integrated and ready-to-use content management platform, the effectiveness of e-commerce processes is increased. It provides advantages in many sectors from retail to FMCG and telecommunication in next generation e-commerce.

As an SAP Gold Partner, Medyasoft has signed onto very successful projects in Turkey in its aim to become a trustworthy business partner in the digital transformation of establishments. It has presented end-to-end value added solutions to hundreds of corporate customers from digital agency services to customer experience management and from corporate management systems to training and outsourcing services since 1999. Among Medyasoft’s clients are global companies like THY, Ülker, Godiva, ING Bank, Novartis and Turkcell.

WittyCommerce is an e-commerce consultancy firm that is made up of teams who have set-up, managed and developed e-commerce projects both at home and abroad for many years and has become an expert on e-commerce. They give services in various fields of e-commerce such as business operations, strategy, marketing and software development. They also develop projects and give consultancy on systems such as “In-site Search” and “Suggestion Engine” software and “Transformation” and “Content Management” systems, which are supportive of the e-commerce ecosystem.