Medyasoft explained SAP Healthcare Solutions at the Medical Supply Chain Congress of Turkey.

In his opening speech for the Congress, which was held for the first time this year, Prof. Hikmet Koçak, President of Ataturk University, evaluated the general state of public hospitals, drawing the attention of the audience to financial problems experienced by university hospitals. Medyasoft and SAP Turkey emphasized SAP Healthcare Solutions at the Medical Supply Chain Congress.

Jointly organized by the Ministry of Health, Istanbul University, and the Social Security Institution, the “International Medical Supply Chain Management Congress” was held on 18-22 February 2015 at Susesi Luxury Resort in Belek, Antalya.

On a mission to help achieve effective and sustainable resource management, exchange of know-how, and improvement of training, R&D and production capacity, the Congress aims at sharing useful information and trainings on efficient use of resources for offering high-quality and sustainable healthcare services, purchase, logistics, inventory tracking, archiving, auditing, financing and IT. The Medical Supply Chain Trade Show, which showcased new healthcare products, services and technologies, was intended as a useful platform bringing together users and service providers in the industry.

Participating in the Congress jointly with SAP Turkey, Medyasoft presented SAP solutions in healthcare. While Medyasoft’s General Manager İhsan Taşer delivered a presentation at the Congress, other participants from Medyasoft included Medyasoft Board Member Adnan Metin, and SAP Turkey COO Uğur Candan.
Between 18-22 February, SAP solutions for the healthcare industry were presented to congress participants at the Medyasoft booth.

At the Shared Wisdom Meeting, which was held with the participation of many Ministry representatives, current problems and potential solutions in the “Medical Supply Chain Management” process were discussed and formulated into a joint declaration.

Congress participants included Spc. Dr. Zafer Çukurova, President, Public Hospitals Agency of Turkey; Prof. Necat Yılmaz, Secretary-General, Public Hospitals Association (PHA) of Antalya; Dr. Abdullah Memiş, Head of Administrative Services, Antalya PHA; Dr. Bahri Özdemir, Head of Medical Services, Antalya PHA; Oğuz Erdoğan, Head of Financial Services, Antalya PHA; Spc. Dr. Kemal Kiraz, Hospital Administrator, Antalya Ataturk State Hospital; high-ranking officials from the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Finance, NGOs, SEEs and relevant bodies; purchase, supply, financial affairs, inventory, financing, IT heads and employees of university hospitals, public hospitals, private hospitals, and other healthcare institutions; and companies offering healthcare products and services.