Sedaş Chooses ePlatform for e-Ledger

One of Turkey’s most important electricity distribution companies and giving service in the Sakarya, Kocaeli, Bolu and Düzce provinces, SEDAŞ has chosen the Medyasoft ePlatform e-Ledger product for its e-Ledger project.

In the integration that was realized using the “SAP e-Ledger Fast Integration Solution” developed especially for the SAP ERP system, a full compatibility with the Medyasoft ePlatform e-Ledger has been achieved. “SAP e-Ledger Fast Integration Solution” is a high performance, user-friendly and easy-to-use integration tool that can easily be adapted to the updates published by the Revenue Administration.
Within the scope of the service, SEDAŞ has not only gained access to advanced and innovative features like Central Support System, Setup and Update Wizard, Workload Balancing Infrastructure, Advanced Task Manager, Advanced Authorization Tool, User Notification System, Real-time Display, which are provided by Medyasoft ePaltform and whose details can be reached at the ePlatform official website, but also acquired a design infrastructure that is compatible with all mobile devices.
See the ePlatform website for more information: