Technological touch from Medyasoft to AstraZeneca’s field operations

Medyasoft completed the mobile transformation of Turkey field operations of AstraZeneca, one of the leading companies in pharmaceutical research and development. The ‘Onama Form Tracking Application’ developed for AstraZeneca under said project, helped simplify the tracking of cargo and physician information, minimizing operational time losses.

Offering unique enterprise solutions for increasing operational efficiency in the field, reducing cost, and improving business profitability, Medyasoft completed the mobile transformation of the world pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca for their field operations.

Accordingly, AstraZeneca staff who carry out field operations related to physicians across the Turkish pharmaceutical industry use the ‘Onama Form Tracking Application’ to transfer the drug form filled in during physician visits to the mobile environment. Developed for using time more efficiently, and increasing the frequency of visits, the project makes it easier for AstraZeneca to track projects, and minimizes time loss.

The project allows the user to send a captured image of the cargo receipt back to the central office, making it easier to track shipments inside the cargo system.

Taking into account all details for effective management of field sales operations, the application allows users to create offline forms as well. In absence of an internet connection, created forms are stored on the device, and transferred to the server as soon as internet connectivity is available again.

And the “Online Search” feature of the system lets the field team view other physicians even if they do not belong to their assigned regions.