Wahooy Developed By Medyasoft To Change Your TV Watching Habits

A new era is about to begin in your TV watching habits with the Wahooy mobile application developed using the Medyasoft content management system (UniGate)...

Wahooy will share with you all the details about the series you are watching. It will ask questions, hold questionnaires and deliver you all the behind the scenes information.

Are you curious about the brands of the clothes and accessories the actors wear?
It is now easy to find out with Wahooy. The “balloon (2nd Screen)” you will see on the main page of Wahooy will pop up and alert you when there is new information available even if you are navigating other pages within the application.

Which series will Wahooy associate with?
You will be able to find the series and episodes Wahooy will link with on the application’s website. If you have allowed instant notifications, Wahooy will alert you before a series starts.

Do you use the Twitter and Facebook applications while watching TV?
You can tweet and follow tweets on hashtags about the episode you are watching without leaving Wahooy. You can surf the series’ Facebook pages and make comments. While you do these, Wahooy will notify you with sound when there is new information it wants to share with you.

Wahooy was made using the Medyasoft content management system (UniGate) without need for any extra code development. Thanks to UniGate’s technical specifications, the whole of the application can be managed over CMS.

Available only in English and Turkish for now, the application will soon be presented in all the local languages of the countries Ay Yapım’s series are broadcast in.

iOS and Android users can download and try out the application from the links below:

iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wahooy/id929923780?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.medyasoft.ayyapim&hl=tr