E-Learning and Web Conference

Medyasoft also presents to its customers E-Learning and Web Conference software. We are at your service with our solutions so that you can save from both money and time while achieving high efficiency.

E-Learning solutions

Technology should transform e-learning into not a slow and boring obligation but a rich and interactive experience. That is why Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro presents an impressive interface and interactive tools that will help the participants in virtual classrooms and participant controlled courses to learn, and remember what they learned, better. By using templates and a content library, you can quickly design effective courses, check on attendance and follow trainee development; hence you can educate effectively and reach all your aims concerning e-learning.

Web conference solution

Don’t bore your users with slow and grave Web conferences anymore. Adobe Connect software will help you grab the attention of participants with its rich media content and interactive environment (one of the best features of meetings made in person). Using a Web browser and Adobe Flash Player software that can be easily provided, you can share your screen, brainstorm on a white board and also make videoconferences. The elegant interface is always accessible, so colleagues in different parts of the world can with the click of a button (without any planning, registration or plug-in installation) instantaneously change to the interface. Make effective contact while on the road without wasting any time or money.