Emergency State Services

The services aimed at the continuity of IT services over alternative platforms in case of natural disasters or unforeseeable data loss as a result of technical malfunctions due to outside forces.

In the scope of the Emergency State Services (ES), the operation and management of the client’s application systems is undertaken and through the specified server, hosting towards the operating system and database is provided and data synchronization and maintenance/support services are given over wide area network (WAN).

TAPE Backup / Restore Method

The service that comprises taking backups over the provided backup software, restoring over the backup server located at ES centers and testing of the operation of the application/access to data.

ARCHIVE Transfer Method

Following the system setup and allocation of a line, the copying of the Archive files that are formed at the headquarters to the Emergency State Center (ESS). The Archive transfer method is the service that allows for the database to be opened over ESS and lets users work over this source in the event of a disaster.

Server/Application Based Disk Copy Method

The service that realizes the copying of the synchronized disk through software that is installed onto either Headquarters or Emergency State Center based on choice, over the allocated line via the bandwidth provided according to the requested values.

Working Environment Procurement

The working environment procurement service is presented in order to provide business continuity to clients in the event of an emergency at a location that has the IT infrastructure resources of the client’s choice.