Help Desk Services

Help Desk is an access point where the calls made by users concerning IT operations/services are analyzed, solved or forwarded within the scope of the support service throughout the specified service hours.

The Help Desk service can be constructed according to customer needs based on customer expectations and service agreement terms and the capability of the personnel giving the service. The support levels of the help desk can be categorized under three topics.

Registry Support

The person or technology that receives the calls coming from the client and forwards it to the relevant support group/service provider for solution. The Registry Support personnel are not responsible for resolving the call. The duty of the Registry support team is to;


  • Receive the incoming call
  • Register the situation and request
  • Forward the situation/request to the relevant support group/service provider
  • Monitor the status of the call
  • End the call by verification from the client once the call is resolved

Level 1 Support

The first unit that gets the forwarded call from the client via the registry support personnel. It is made up of the people that diagnose the problem. The duty of the Level 1 support team is to;

  • Provide support for identified problems
  • Forward unresolved problems to the Level 2 help desk team
  • Monitor the problems forwarded onto the Level 2 help desk

Level 2 Support

The unit that analyzes and resolves the call from the client. The duty of the Level 2 support team is to;

  • Analyze the unidentified call and solve the problem,
  • Forward resolved problems to the Level 1 support team and have them register the solution onto the “identified problem solution” database,
  • If there is a solution to the problem, advise the client on the precautions to take so that it does not repeat itself.
  • If the problem is caused by other service providers, getting in touch with them and resolving the problem by giving advice.