Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP]

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a general name given to solutions that bring together all processes such as finance, human resources, accounting, production and logistics to work integrated with each other in order for enterprises to gain advantage in the competitive market and to achieve efficiency in and integration of operational processes.

SAP ERP was presented as an ERP solution by SAP AG (founded in 1972) and is the integrated business process solution with the highest recognition and usage in Turkey and the world.

Giving service in the software sector since 1999 and having realized over 50 ERP projects for various industries, Medyasoft is a business partner of SAP with a Gold Partner status.

Presenting consultation services towards the improvement of business processes as well as technical consultation in projects, Medyasoft gives importance to Return on Investment, monitors the outcomes of projects and contributes to the business expansion of its clients. Centered on ASAP methodology, it ensures the success of its projects with its professional project management office and experienced consultant crew.

Besides the license and consultancy business partnership, the fact that Medyasoft is SAP’s only certified education center in Turkey is another important point that shows its aptitude in the field.

The benefits of having SAP ERP can be summarized as follows:

  • The convenience of integration between all processes,
  • Updating from a single source for the whole of the corporation and updates covering the whole package,
  • Minimizing the possibility of faults through real time information interchange,
  • A more efficient working environment for the employees,
  • The transfer of Best Practices based on thousands of projects,
  • Contribution to the improvement of business processes,
  • Increase in competitive force in global and local markets,
  • The speed in the Return of Investment.

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