Support Services [MGSC]

Medyasoft has for the first time in Turkey formed a structure for SAP Support Services and turned it into a brand under the name Medyasoft Global Support Center (MGSC).

Medyasoft is giving 24/7 maintenance and support services to its nearly 50 customers in various sectors in all SAP modules. Based on the SLA (Service Level Agreement), Medyasoft answers demands according to importance level and solution commitment. It reports on the service it gives with its instant reporting application, which is a first and only in Turkey. You can reach this report, measure and monitor your service via your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

MGSC (Medyasoft Global Support Center) collects SAP Support Services

  • SAP Help Desk
  • SAP Change Management
  • SAP BASIS Services

With SAP Help Desk, the daily operating support required by users and the solution of errors and problems in the system pursuant to the SLA is realized through MGSC.

With SAP Change Management, the process changes needed in the SAP system, change requirements that involve adaptation and development such as additional implementations are realized. Consultancy for basic modules, new generation products and software are given.

With SAP BASIS Services, various technical infrastructure and support services that help the SAP applications which make the SAP system run without interruption and with high performance are given.

In MGSC (Medyasoft Global Support Center) SAP Support Services there is:

  • 24/7 Support,
  • Not monthly but instant Reporting,
  • SLA Standards,
  • ITIL Based Services,
  • Cost advantage.

The structure of MGSC (Medyasoft Global Support Center) SAP Support Services is as follows:

  • Customer Visit and Preliminary Analysis
  • Offer and Agreement
    • Fixed Fee
    • Flexible Fee
  • Tools
    • ITIL Based Notification Management
    • Web / R3 Based Notification Management
    • After-hours and Weekend Support with Call Center
  • Support Agreement Types
    • Standard Support
    • Enterprise Support

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