English Training with DynEd-7

Designed by a team of language educators, computer programmers, neurologists and artists, DynEd is the world’s first and most effective multimedia language training program. In light of neuro-scientific research, it aims to leap to the “automation” state rather than the “conception” state in order to implement English into permanent memory. Those who begin to learn English with the DynEd English Language Training System for the first time can reach TOEFL 500 (173 for the computer test) level in 360 hours if they keep to the methods the system suggests. The DynEd English Language Training System is a system comprising of Supporting Software, Training Software and DynEd Instructors. Supporting Software enables the monitoring and directing of user actions through a computer; Training Software enables the English language to be learned in the best way; and Instructors enable users to work with the best methods and help them personalize the language.

What is an e-certificate?

The e-certificate training program is a combined training model that brings together different training methods to help you better perceive what you learn. This model, which is used in Turkey only by Medyasoft, helps you get focused directly on your training. By using this system based on your training needs and focused on eliminating your deficiencies, you can reach your goals in the most effective manner. You plan a training process based solely on your needs with face-to-face support from trainers. e-certificate is a need-based model; you choose the time and duration of the training.

The e-certificate training program is based on Internet based training and education, mentors and classroom supported education. The goal is to provide a training environment whereby establishments and working individuals who want to contribute to their personal development can be part of a training experience of flexible hours whenever they want, on whatever subject they want and in which every individual can set their own pace of learning. At the end of the training, candidates who are successful at the final exams earn a certificate that they can add to their resume.

The e-certificate training program is also a very important step in university and real sector cooperation, because it is aims to give successful candidates a university approved certificate at the end of the training program.