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Our Values

As Medyasoft IT Group, we believe that we need to create a corporate culture where all kinds of ideas can be shared in order to bring out the ideas and inspiration that develop our business, and to support the entrepreneurial spirit.

We adopt the following values and grow in their light to build our future in an environment where we can increase our business qualifications, satisfy our customers and receive positive feedback, together with our colleagues.

  • We always pursue transparency and fairness in our approaches.
  • We work with entrepreneurial and innovative perspectives.
  • We are hardworking, diligent and leaders in our business.
  • We are focused on customer and result.
  • We believe the power of growing together and achieving successful results.


Hiring Process

We attach great importance for all our teammates to adhere to a common purpose and work in cooperation.

We aim to train equipped, guiding leaders who have values and are open to innovation, inspiring their colleagues with the awareness that a leader must play a role which encourages participation and co-operation within the company. With the intent of perfecting the experience we provide to those who are interested in working with us, we get the feedback of every candidate we inverview by kindly asking them to fill out “interview evaluation questionnaires”.

To find the right persons for the right jobs, we complete our two-stage recruitment process based on competence, including Human Resources Business Unit and Technology meetings. While moving on with our processes, we take into account the development possibilities as much as the existing capabilities.


Training and Employee Experience

As an organization which learns continually, we place emphasis on learning from each other and our young colleagues. Following the new technologies and applications in our country as well as  the world, we support our teammates by providing in-class and hands-on training.

We plan our training programs according to the potentials and goals of our colleagues, closely monitoring the impact of them on their working life. As an institution that cares about our employees’ experience and feedbacks, we actualize many new applications, presenting the activities and trainings they would like to undergo with surveys to the approval and evaluation of our employees.

We put all our effort into making our team members feel that they are part of this organization in which they improve themselves while we grow together.


Performance Management

In our organization we build in agreement with our strategies, we ensure that the sum of the individual goals of all our team members are planned to add up together and form the objectives and strategies of our corporation.

We support our belief in growing and being successful together with our performance evaluation system.
Our primary goal is to create a sustainable organization, therefore we provide a fair and transparent working environment for our colleagues to demonstrate their true performance.

We aim to measure the value added by each of our colleagues in a righteous manner; choose our leaders and leader candidates with the talent management programs designed exclusively for our group, and help prepare for their roles by coaching them.


Career Opportunities

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You can e-mail us at your general applications and the department you want to be an intern in, the areas of technology you are using / interested in, and a link to your accounts on technological social platforms with a preliminary letter stating the projects you are working on.