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Hiring Process

Our announcements for existing open positions are published via linkedin, facebook, twitter, career sites, Medyasoft. Candidates who are deemed suitable as human resources are invited to meet for the position. After the personality, ability and foreign language tests are performed when necessary to determine the most suitable candidate for the position, interviews with Human Resources and relevant department managers are carried out in 2 stages and the recruitment process is completed by placing the right candidate in the relevant position.


Training and Professional Development

Medyasoft HR applies two different orientation programs for all new recruits. The purpose of the orientation program is to provide the employee with all the information he/she needs for familiarizing himself/herself with the company, its corporate policies, and shared practices, all of which information is intended to make adaptation easier. The newcomer program, provided by those departments that the new recruit will work in contact, aims at providing information about the organizational structure, persons, their roles and responsibilities in order to facilitate faster adaptation.

All trainings at Medyasoft are defined jointly by line managers and HR in view of the needs and requests of employees, taking into account the qualifications of the employee and the requirements of the respective job as well. Accordingly, training programs are developed, which contribute to the employee’s development and support his/her career plan.


Performance Management

At Medyasoft, Performance Management is done by and between the employee, his/her manager, and the Human Resources department. Carried out biannually, Performance Management consists of the employee evaluating himself/herself, the line manager evaluating the employee, and finally a face-to-face interview to give feedback on the outcome of the performance evaluation.

Using information obtained during interviews, training and development needs of employees are defined and planned accordingly. Performance evaluation results are also used as a criterion for calculating premiums and annual salary increases.


Open Positions

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Every year, university and high school students are given the opportunity to work with Medyasoft. The prerequisite for internship is to be a 3rd or 4th grade student of a university or a high school, and to be eligible for a compulsory internship.

University internships are done during summer months, while high school internships are done during winter months.

Part-time employment opportunities for university students also exist during winter months. To apply for an internship, please visit our website.