Release Date: 24.08.2020

A Medyasoft Product in the DMO Catalogue: Unigate Content Management System

A Medyasoft Product in the DMO Catalogue: Unigate Content Management System

Our modern content management system Unigate was added to the Turkish State Supply Office’s (DMO) catalogue and has become available for the use of state institutions and establishments.

Developed as an R&D project by Medyasoft engineers, Unigate provides cost effective, fast and integrated channel solutions to establishments in their digital transformation processes. Unigate is preferred by many establishments in different sectors ranging from aviation to finance, government to foodstuff. Among the organizations that use the Unigate infrastructure are large enterprises such as the Turkish Revenue Administration, Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş., Vakıfbank, Turkish Airlines, Turkcell, AnadoluJet, Sabancı Holding, ING Bank, Ford Otosan, Ülker and Novartis.

The content management system Unigate allows for the central, sustainable and easy management of all the content of web sites, intranet and portal projects. With no limit in the number of users, this solution provides authorization, approval, preview and multi-site management and is SEO compatible, supports LADP and has a plugin based infrastructure. Product licensing based on domain name is possible with Unigate and there is no limit to the number of subdomains.

You can order the Unigate Content Management System with its special price from the DMO Catalogue: