Medyasoft to address SAP Consultant shortage in the industry

Medyasoft continues to offer a bright future to young people.

Sending over 1.000 SAP Consultants into the business world through trainings it organized within the last 10 years, Medyasoft goes full-throttle with the “SAP Consultant Preparation Program” it launched during the second half of last year. Having internally hired 12 candidates from the Program in 2014, Medyasoft continues its employment program in 2015 to offer a bright future to young people.

Having created an employment opportunity for over 1.000 young people with trainings it organized within the last 10 years for SAP solutions on which over 100 thousand companies around the world and around 2.000 companies in Turkey are planning their future, Medyasoft continues to prepare a bright future for fresh university graduates or fourth graders. Having internally hired 12 successful candidates from the “SAP Consultant Preparation Program” it launched last year, Medyasoft continues its program in 2015 to offer young people a bright future, preparing them for internal hiring.


Reminding that new trends in the business world, and the fast rise of technology have recently changed the standing of doctors, lawyers and engineers, Medyasoft General Manager İhsan Taşer said: “Economic conditions, fast development in technology, and social approaches have created new professions. At Medyasoft, we continue our activities to offer a bright future in this context. Ten thousands of companies in 25 different industries including retail, food, textiles, construction, energy, telecommunication, logistics, banking, finance and automotive are now shaping their business processes using SAP solutions. For qualified consultants to manage increased number of projects, there is a great employment potential around the world and in Turkey alike.”


There are 8 different training subjects within the program which addresses the shortage of qualified professionals in the industry, and offers young people an employment opportunity at Medyasoft in the first place, or at international companies. The ‘SAP Consultant Preparation Program’ trainings, which are delivered by the most respectable instructors from the industry, is complemented by practical work conducted alongside senior consultants in ongoing projects.
The Program covers trainings on materials management, sales & distribution, finance, production planning, cost accounting, and programming modules.