Our Database and Infrastructure Business Unit to develop open-source database products

Medyasoft’s Database and Infrastructure Business Unit has started operating and it is established for our purpose of productization, support and dissemination of open source databases based on our Medyasoft IT Group entrepreneurial business model.

Serdar Mutlu; who has taken part in the development, support and end-user roles regarding commercial databases and infrastructure components throughout his career, will be conducting the leadership of the unit. Mutlu graduated from Boğaziçi University with a degree in Computer Engineering and he holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Beykent University.

With the help of our new business unit;

  • The development of PostreSQL-based database management tools and advanced features in commercial databases,
  • Migration from already existing commercial databases to open source databases as well as giving open source database usage support to new projects,
  • Providing management and maintenance services of open source database and infrastructure systems

will be among our goals.

The market share of open source databases is rapidly increasing in the world. By 2017, the global database market has reached a volume of $ 37 billion. It is estimated that this number will reach $ 47 billion by 2020. Estimates for Turkey are $ 166 million for 2017, and $ 232 million for 2020.