The best companies work with Medyasoft

THY SAP project, among world’s groundbreaking enterprises, is going to secure its support service through Medyasoft for 3 years following the bid after the application and initial reinforcement process. According to the contract that was agreed upon, the development of various SAP applications corresponding the business needs of Turkish Airlines will be in the hands of our company. Medyasoft will also be responsible for the maintenance needs of these applications regarding software development, functional service and technical groundwork.

Medyasoft SAP team has completed the year 2015 reaching a total of 24 SAP projects, 9 of which are full cycle, with its 17 years of experience in the IT sector. The project’s consultancy will be shouldered by Medyasoft’s sophisticated SAP unit, operating with unconditional customer satisfaction and 24/7 support mission, achieving a growth of 50% throughout the years. Our professional consultant team will provide end-to-end solutions for the improvement and development needs while ensuring the sustainability of the SAP system.

The agreement covers SAP support along with consultancy in finance, logistics, budget-profitability, human resources and technology.

Securing a leader status in Turkey’s Civil Air Transportation sector, Turkish Airlines is favoured for flight safety, reliability, product range and competitive position; becoming a source of pride for its country by adopting the mission of becoming one of the globally active, chief airlines in Europe. It has an SAP-based infrastructure of management information systems, and carries out a technology-based growth strategy. The continuous work and utmost productivity of this infrastructure along with the constant improvement via new innovations will be under the responsibility of Medyasoft.