Release Date: 21.12.2015

The largest local ice cream manufacturer Natura Gıda’s SAP and e-Transformation projects are in safe hands


The only SAP associate with the most SAP project experience in food industry and a Recognized Expertise certificate, accredited in the global SAP store, Medyasoft was chosen by Natura Gıda for SAP projects, which is Turkey’s largest local ice-cream manufacturer with its brand Golf in ice-cream products.

With this agreement, Natura will be securing the transformation of its IT infrastructure through the innovative applications in SAP nourishment solution. By the help of the GIB special integrator, Medyasoft will also be conducting Golf Ice-cream’s e-Transformation through e-Bill, e-Book and e-Archive solutions.

The local leader in ice-cream market with its Bursa and Kahramanmaraş factories, Natura Gıda’s chief executive Ergün Akkaya has made some statements regarding the project: “Expecting our monitors to be faster, more accurate and better at showing the future and the past; we have begun the configuration of SAP system with Medyasoft. This excitement I’ve tasted 17 years ago for the first time is still fresh, another decent project is being founded.”

The world leader in enterprise application and software, developing innovative technologies carrying companies in Turkey further into future, the SAP solution will be applied for Natura Gıda in the consultancy of Medyasoft. Choosing SAP ERP solution in long-term corporate resource planning towards sustainable growth targets, Natura’s solution by Medyasoft will be put into active use in July 2016 through SAP.

Natura will be taking an important step in saving time and manpower by using Medyasoft’s SAP solutions, especially in increasing productivity of the fast and proper data flow, establishing easy access to information and communication between employees and departments.The project will include financial accounting, management accounting, material management, sales distribution, production planning, quality management, maintenance management and human resources modules.

Natura will have the resilience of administrating all of its operations such as co-production, logistics and financial processes in real time with utmost speed and integrity through SAP solutions.

By means of SAP solutions, Natura will obtain benefits like decrease in the time from order to delivery, productivity and performance increase in the warehouse, optimization at the stock level, productivity increase in production planning, acceleration of period closing and adaptation to the mobile developments.