Release Date: 07.12.2016

We are breaking the routine in SAP Projects


In consumer products segment in just 3 months; we are presenting our solution; consisting of 40+ project experiences and harboring the best business applications, involving titles such as Manufacturing, Purchasing and Stock Management, Sales and Delivery, Accounting, Human Resources, Quality and Care.

We are conducting your company’s digital transformation with this succesful, risk-free approach which offers cost advantage.
As a result of our knowledge gained through projects in education segment such as colleges and prep schools, we have been offering our Education Sector Rapid Deployment Solution since 2013 in the SAP Store.

As the corporation with the most number of SAP project references in Turkey, having industry-specific proficiency, we allow educational institutions to manage their companies through one integrated system in tough rivalry conditions. We are applying our SAP solution which addresses all of the titles such as Student Affairs, Student Accounting, Human Resources, Purchasing and Stock Management, Finance, Student & Parent Relations.