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Developing Extended Features for PostgreSQL

Developing Extended Features for PostgreSQL


In-Memory, which is a structure that allows us to store the data in PostgreSQL on the memory of multiple remote machines instead of their disks, aims to increase both continuity and performance. The In-Memory feature, which is developed in harmony with the ACID structure that is very important for databases, also ensures high continuity. 

Columnar Store

By adding column-based storage feature to PostgreSQL, which has a standard line-based storage technology, we plan to power data warehouse projects like reporting and analysis and increase database performance.

We actively use the "Extension" mechanism which gives PostgreSQL its flexibility, and implement this feature to the database as it were an extension. We also stretch the data stored on the database to be used later, as to multiply it.

Admin Console

Database management may be carried out not only by administrative staff, but also by various business units within the IT department. For this reason, we are developing the Admin Console to simplify the use of PostgreSQL and perform many operations via the web interface. Thanks to this panel, a lot of operations can be performed in a very short time, making intervention and monitoring easier.

Admin console will include the following features and tools:

  • Size control of tables as well as table areas
  • User operations management
  • Examination and management of table/view/index features
  • Examination and management of stored procedure features
  • SQL data and statement query
  • Defining database jobs
  • Backup & restore
  • Performance monitoring and improvement
  • Migration
  • PL/SQL / TSQL->PL/pgSQL converter
  • Data transfer from commercial databases via connector
  • Cloning
  • Alert mechanisms
  • Growth trend analysis
  • Storing performance metrics
  • Audit
  • Connection pool management