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PostgreSQL Consulting and Support Services

PostgreSQL Consulting and Support Services


We provide practical maintenance, support and consulting services for the network solutions that already exist in your infrastructure, or for those you are planning to implement.

By aligning your IT infrastructure with the latest developments, we enable you to use up-to-date technology without interrupting your company's business continuity.

With our services, you can improve your network by using the latest technology products, monitor your systems 7/24, improve the vital devices in your IT infrastructure such as Firewalls and Access Points, and reach maximum efficiency.


Prodigydss, with its competent employees who have been in the sector for many years, provides the best solution to any problem by adding professional knowledge to the ordinary database maintenance solution. This is what makes Prodigy a reliable source. Our Database Maintenance Support Unit operates 24/7 to provide you with the support you need in the fastest way possible.  

We work in three different ways:

  • At customer location
  • Remote with VPN
  • Data center

The work conducted on databases can be listed as below:

  • Analyzing batch codes as well as frequently studied pieces of code
  • Observing whether code and database performance is operating in the recommended and optimal way
  • Examination of operations such as month closing, batch renewal
  • To ensure that the systems are up 24/7
  • Identifying relevant alerts on databases with the PostgreSQL management console and proactively preventing errors that could arise
  • Monitoring log and trace files; taking the required steps
  • Conducting regular checks on the healthy functioning of products; presenting monthly health control reports
  • Monitoring growth through regular controls and arrangements for approval where necessary
  • Routine checks of backups, their logs; proactive management
  • Restoration and recovery in critical situations
  • Periodic retrieval of database table statistics
  • Deployment processes and transfer of database objects between environments
  • Tuning support for database activities when necessary
  • Creating & managing new database users
  • Management of Disaster Recovery Center systems