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PostgreSQL Database Training

We also provide PostgreSQL training to our clients in order to support the spread of the PostgreSQL database with tailored training programs.

In the trainings, we provide modules for all levels ranging from people with no knowledge on databases to database administrators. We support participants with up-to-date versions and necessary documentation within the scope of the PostgreSQL Database Training, which can be held both online or in physical classes.

The Scope of the Medyasoft-PostgreSQL Database Training:

  • Database concepts
  • Introduction to PostgreSQL and its features
  • PostgreSQL setup and management (Setup over PostgreSQL source)
  • PostgreSQL operation, basic PostgreSQL commands, the SQL concept of PostgreSQL
  • PostgreSQL data types
  • Index types such as Hash, GIST, GIN, SP-GIST, BRIN in PostgreSQL
  • Processing queries
  • Performance Tweaks
  • Database security
  • Partitioning
  • Function, Stored Procedure and Trigger concepts in PostgreSQL
  • A look at monitoring tools such as Monitoring and Grafana, Zabbix, Gloowroot
  • Logging and statistics processes in PostgreSQL
  • High Access, Standby setup
  • PostgreSQL backup, recovery scenarios. For instance, the use of Barman.
  • PostgreSQL Upgrade (Data update/change) scenario (Major and Minor Upgrade)
  • The transfer of Oracle, SQL Servers to PostgreSQL
  • Foreign Data Wrapper concept
  • Extension concept and how it’s written
  • Review of popular extensions