MainTask PM (Plant Maintenance) off-the-shelf application is integrated into your systems with a short project time, with its maintenance process supporting infrastructure and user-friendly interface.

In today’s competitive world, it is important for companies to monitor and manage their high-cost activities such as maintenance and repair processes in accordance with field use and to be able to deliver immediate data. In this context, traditional methods fall insufficient and companies need digital solutions to carry out their processes.

In regard to all these requirements, with the assurance of your business partner, Renova, we offer you our MainTask product integration, which we have developed through our experience from various SAP PM projects in the production and service sector.

MainTask Product Features:

Since the Maintask can be used on mobile devices and is suitable for field use, it enables maintenance personnel to carry out their tasks quickly and easily with a phone/tablet.

With MainTask PM Application;

• Provide more accurate track of working time and activity by providing immediate data entry thanks to its Start-Finish working principle.

• Manage all your maintenance activities on a single screen suitable with field dynamics.

• Carry out your maintenance and repair activities without delay, with its functionalities such as assigning tasks to the team, listing active jobs, counter and form entry for notification, and equipment barcode scanning system.

Maintask Mobile PM Application is created using technical adaptation, master data of SAP PM and interfaces, IT technical capabilities of the SAP Fiori application.

For the video of the product: