Cloud Based Integrated Business Applications


What is e-Ledger?

e-Ledger is the name given to the whole of the regulations that aim to have the ledgers that are mandatorily kept according to formats and standards announced by Turkish Tax Procedure Law transferred over to the digital environment as electronic files, have them stored without being printed, guarantee their intactness, integrity and source and produce them as evidence if necessary.

Our e-Ledger Solution

The ePlatform e-Ledger solution runs fully integrated with SAP and Workcube and can also be integrated into over 20 accounting software via our middleware. e-Ledger meets your needs problem free with its safe and fast infrastructure that has successfully passed stress tests.

Cost Advantage

e-Ledger is a reliable solution that helps you cut down on money and time on many areas such as approval expenses, ledger keeping processes, printing and storing costs.

Green Solution

With e-Ledger, documents such as general journals, general ledgers and charters can now be prepared and stored digitally. What’s more, you significantly reduce the use of paper and help preserve the environment by saving trees.