Cloud Based Integrated Business Applications


What is e-Waybill?

e-Waybill is the digitally formed version of a printed waybill. Printed waybills and e-waybills are virtually the same thing.

Companies that use packing bills make out printed waybills while companies that use e-Waybill form them digitally.

What Information Should an e-Waybill Contain?

  • Date the e-Waybill is made out and document number.
  • Name, commercial title, address, tax office and account number of the issuer of the e-Waybill.
  • Name, commercial title, tax office (if applicable), account number, business address and if different, delivery address of the customer.
  • Type and amount of goods delivered.
  • Actual dispatch date and actual time of dispatch in hours and minutes.

Why Should I use e-Waybill?

  • Advantage in cost per unit.
  • No cargo expenses.
  • Advantage in operational costs.
  • No need of physical storage space and risk-free.
  • Easily search and find past waybills.
  • Save on paper and protect the environment.