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Unigate DXP - Digital Experience Platform

Unigate DXP - Digital Experience Platform

What is Unigate DXP?

Unigate is a modular, non-invasive, open-source based Digital Experience Platform (DXP) aiming to empower both developers and non-developers to create powerful experiences in their B2B, B2C, and B2E communications.

Why Unigate DXP?

Unigate provides very powerful features not only for developers but also for non-developers such as marketers, corporate communicators, and content editors.

While a developer can easily integrate, customize, and extend Unigate as well as develop new apps from scratch via its framework, a marketer can quickly respond to market expectations by leveraging “low-code / no-code” capabilities or "Rapid Solution Packages".

As Medyasoft, with our experience of more than 20 years, we realize original and alternative option based corporate website and application projects for our medium and large-scale customers. For solutions tailored to your organization's specific needs, you can reach us by filling out the contact form below.

Owing to its "Full CMS", "Decoupled CMS", and "Headless CMS" modes, Unigate can also serve as an intranet and B2B/B2C portal or provide API service for 3rd party integrations and mobile apps.

Here are some of the features of the Unigate DXP:

  • Cross-Platform & Multi Database SupportEnjoy the cost-effective and highly-flexible infrastructure of Unigate DXP. Run your website or web application either on Windows or Linux.

    Own the chance to choose from any SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite options. Have the option to pay no license fee to the operating system and database.
  • Content ManagementEasily create and manage an endless number of content items derivable from the content models you have designed for your organization.

    Benefit from the great features like draft management, content preview, live preview, versioning, diff checker, scheduled publishing, and many more.
  • Advanced SearchBenefit from Unigate DXP's advanced full-text indexing and searching capabilities based on Apache Lucene technology. Obtain the most accurate search result in the fastest way.
  • Workflow ManagementUse pre-defined drag-drop activities in a user-friendly interface to automate innumerable processes.

    Design and manage any workflow to develop time-based or event-based automated mechanisms for internal use or 3rd party interactions without making any development.
  • Multisite Management & ScalabilityHost and manage countless web pages in a single multi-tenant instance. Achieve the same standards across all the web pages belonging to your organization. Easily and quickly scale when necessary.
  • Advanced User & Permission ManagementCreate and manage any user, role, and permission combination on the management panel. Enjoy the highly flexible and customizable granular permission management capabilities on Unigate DXP.

    Permissions module provide you to create specific authorization matrices such as module-based, content-type-based, or query-based permissions.
  • Content ModelingBenefit from the non-developer-friendly features of the Unigate DXP management panel. Easily design and publish any variety of content types you didn't have before on the web.

    Achieve the agility to boost your organization among competitors by eliminating the need for a painful software development cycle.
  • Multi-Language SupportLocalize all of your content items to respond to numerous visitors all over the world. With ease, optimize each of them for search engines separately. Allow your visitors to switch between contents in different languages with direct redirects.
  • Theme & Template ManagementSwitch instantly between pre-designed themes with just a couple of clicks or create and manage page templates effortlessly.

    Benefit from the advanced Liquid template language to manipulate the dynamic content on templates and publish them without deployment.
  • Custom Queries & API IntegrationDevelop custom SQL and Lucene queries just by using the Unigate DXP management panel.

    Benefit from Liquid technology to access them for internal use or generate REST and GraphQL APIs immediately to share them with 3rd parties.
  • High Performance & Robust InfrastructureUnigate DXP is under development with a cross-platform, open-source .Net 7.0 platform, providing a high-performant and robust solution.

    Use the caching and dynamic caching capabilities of Unigate to boost your DXP performance even further.
  • Advanced Logging & Audit TrailUse the advanced logging and audit trail capabilities of Unigate DXP to keep track of all activities occurring on the platform.

    Enjoy advanced audit trail skills to see all content activities, inspect the differences between content versions and immediately restore whenever needed.

For more detailed information about Unigate DXP, you can visit the product web site at unigate.com.tr or contact us using the form below.