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Adobe Licensing

Having entered the IT industry in 1999, Medyasoft is an Adobe “Gold Partner” which can supply both Adobe products, and consultancy and training services at the same time.

Medyasoft has competent consultants and trainers to offer you all kinds of assistance you may need in relation to Gold Adobe Licensing –not to mention the special price advantages we will offer you!

Creative Cloud

Adobe® Creative Cloud™ is a digital center which makes your dreams come true by giving you access to online services and other commercially available applications.

With Adobe, the world’s most creative applications are right on your desktop!

2014 Edition of Creative Cloud covers hundreds of new features and performance upgrades –all on top of your favorite desktop applications including all Adobe products!

Using latest innovations and modern standards, create your best works in a more efficient way!

The Adobe Creative Cloud vision allows you to transform diverse and previously challenging workflows into a single easy-to-use experience, freely expressing and presenting your ideas on all kinds of desktop computers, tablets or handheld devices.

Offering instant and continuous access to industry-defining tools and techniques to serve an energetic community of creative talents worldwide, Creative Cloud gives you the freedom to create!

Why Creative Cloud?

  • Download and use Adobe products including any CS6, Adobe Muse, Lightroom, Edge tools and services,
  • Enjoy software that is always up-to-date,
  • Have instant access to new Adobe tools and features the minute they are launched,
  • Collaborate with your coworkers,
  • Have instant access to new developments and innovations,
  • Share working group content easily and securely thanks to the Creative Cloud network,
  • Achieve more effective results thanks to teamwork and sharing functionalities,
  • Manage budgets more easily,
  • Manage and track licenses more easily,
  • Choose Creative Cloud for listing software purchases as operational cost, and enjoying many more advantages!

What are the Licensing Models?

Commercial Licensing Models: These licensing models make license management easier, allowing you to keep track of your expenditure. They also offer advantageous options for enterprises of all scales and commercial clients.

  • Creative Cloud for Teams (CCT) Product Package
  • Creative Cloud for Teams Single Product
  • Products with Permanent Licensing Model

Academic Licensing Models: These models offer great discounts to all academic organizations, educators and students.

Public Licensing Models: These models offer public organizations the right kind of mass licensing programs based on their budgets, sizes and purchase preferences.

For all Licensing Models:

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