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Intranet and Corporate Communication Portals

Medyasoft's experienced team analyses your intranet and corporate communication portal needs and presents solutions tailored just for you.

What is Intranet?

Intranet is the use of internet network structure standards and web technology by businesses to form their own private computer network.

While the web is a technology open to everyone, intranet needs to be inherently private and closed to external users. Companies that set up a secure intranet system restrict the access of individuals outside their organisation from accessing the company’s confidential information with specialized software. The electronic wall called intranet comprises of software and hardware components that lie between the organization’s internal computer network used to communicate internally and the external computer network used to interact with the outside world.

The Internet and its counterpart intranet, which is the internal implementation of the Internet within an organisation, brings many competitive advantages to an enterprise. While the Internet unifies the business with the outside world, intranet unifies it within.

Information and sections that want to be shared with employees can be organised in the form of a web page and put onto the intranet.

It has become increasingly important to introduce your company to your employees with brief and correct information and form a powerful communication network among them. Intranet projects can harbour many features and modules. Here are some of them:

  • Celebrations: The section for various celebrations like birthdays, new births etc.
  • Menu: Monthly/weekly/ daily catering menus.
  • Shuttle Routes: The section where shuttle bus routes are laid out based on their licence plates.
  • Live Broadcast: Section with live camera feed of, for instance the cafeteria.
  • Finance: Section with exchange rates, stock information etc.
  • Classifieds: Section where employees can put houses, cars etc. up for sale and correspond about them.
  • Documents: Section in which PDF, XLSX, DOCX etc. format files can be listed and downloaded.
  • Thoughts & Suggestions: Section where employees can fill out a form and send it to the relevant mail address.
  • Messaging & Online Chat: Online messaging platform.
  • Born Today: Pages where personnel that have a birthday are listed with names and photos.
  • New Personnel: Page where newly recruited personnel are listed.
  • Suggest & Win: Section where new ideas are submitted over a form.
  • Weather: Section where weather in company locations is displayed.
  • Sharing Information: Section where videos, images and messages are shared on the personnel wall.
  • Careers: Section where job openings within the organisation are published without an application form.
  • Forum: Pages where members/employees respond to topics opened by the administrator (such as quality of meals, better shuttle routes, saving measures).
  • FAQ: Section where employees can find answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Orientation: Section where in-company trainings are published as videos and documents.
  • News: Section featuring news about the company.
  • Announcements: Section featuring announcements about the company.
  • Meeting Rooms: Section where meeting room schedules can be viewed and meeting rooms can be booked.
  • My Leaves: Section where personnel leave of absences can be viewed.
  • My Payroll: Section where employees can see their payroll.
  • Questionnaire: Section with in-house questionnaires.
  • Library: Page where PDF, Word, Excel format files are listed.
  • Training Schedule: Section where personnel can see trainings assigned to them.
  • Contacts: Section where company and personnel phone numbers are listed and can be searched.
  • Activity Schedule: Section where in-house activities are listed.