Cloud Based Integrated Business Applications


What is e-Signature?

In short, an electronic signature is piece of electronic data that is attached to or has a logical link with, again electronic data and is used to verify identification. Just as a wet signature is proof that the sign on a paper belongs to you, electronic signature proves whether or not the signature data added to an electronic document is yours.

Personal use of e-Signature

  • Public Institutions and e-Government
  • Banking, Finance, Insurance
  • e-Municipality and e-Commerce
  • e-Contract, e-Mail, e-Accounting
  • e-Invoice, e-Declaration
  • Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Health permits
  • Ministry of Customs and Trade

Corporate use of e-Signature

  • Under-secretariat of Foreign Trade
  • The Ministry of Industry has cancelled all certificates that were manually obtained as of 30 June 2008 for their transition to the electronic environment.
  • Ministry of Customs and Trade
  • Ministry of Justice

e-Signature as Proof

Electronic signature proves the identity of the person who signs it. It shows if the content of the data that has been signed was tampered with (i.e. whether its integrity is compromised or not).