HEAŞ Intranet Project Being Brought to Life Under Medyasoft’s Consultancy
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 25.08.2020

HEAŞ Intranet Project Being Brought to Life Under Medyasoft’s Consultancy

HEAŞ Intranet Project Being Brought to Life Under Medyasoft’s Consultancy

The Intranet Project requested by HEAŞ in order to answer its personnel needs and facilitate in-house communication will be realized under the consultancy of Medyasoft. HEAŞ operates Turkey’s Sabiha Gökçen International Airport.

The Sabiha Gökçen Airport is İstanbul’s second and İstanbul Anatolian Side’s first airport and it is Turkey’s first privately operated airport. It was opened to traffic on January 8, 2001 and gives service to millions of passengers every year. The airport, which is also the first step of the “Advanced Technology Industrial Park” that will serve Turkey in many fields such as transportation, foreign trade, aviation and technology, is leading the area in becoming a technology base in the future. All of Sabiha Gökçen Airport’s income will be used in projects for the advancement of Turkey’s defence industry infrastructure. It has been operated by Airport Management and Aeronautical Industries Inc. (HEAŞ) since January 27, 2000 with the Turkish Presidency of Defence Industries holding 96.4% share capital. Making a “brand” out of the airport by carrying it from 47 thousand passengers to 4 million passengers a year, HEAŞ has been operating as the airport authority of the Sabiha Gökçen Airport since 2008.

Apart from the rule-making, regulating and supervision operations brought on by being the airport authority, HEAŞ also undertakes operations for PAT field, air information management, fire-plane crash-wrecker, first aid and health, keeping navigational equipment operational 24 hours, electrical, water, natural gas, heating and cooling services of the airport, aviation data processing, VIP services and the security and supervision of airside access gates.
Medyasoft presents a powerful intranet solution via Unigate.

It is of vital importance that the hundreds of personnel that make all these happen at Sabiha Gökçen Airport Authority HEAŞ communicate effectively with each other. In need of an effective intranet project in order to answer personnel needs and increase in-house communication, HEAŞ has preferred Medyasoft’s expertise. The request of the establishment for an appealing, simple, innovative intranet portal that provides an ultimate user experience will be fulfilled by the Medyasoft Unigate product.

By renewing its intranet portal, HEAŞ aims in-house information access to become easier, to expand and speed up the communication channels of personnel and in the process have daily operational processes done easily over the portal that will attain a secure and active structure. Medyasoft’s experienced team will analyse HEAŞ’s needs in this respect and provide unique answers to the company’s needs and form a powerful communication network among its employees.

Developed in whole by Medyasoft engineers and proving its success by overcoming compelling tests, as a content management system Unigate provides a platform that gives enterprises fast, secure and integrated channel solutions in their digital transformation processes.
Preferred by large enterprises in several sectors ranging from aviation to finance, public to foodstuffs, Unigate allows for the centralized and sustainable management of all the content of website, intranet and portal projects.