Medyasoft IT Group 2018 Strategy Meeting
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 04.06.2018

Medyasoft IT Group 2018 Strategy Meeting

Medyasoft IT Group 2018 Strategy Meeting

We held our IT Group's 2018 Strategy Meeting in Ümraniye Crown Plaza Hotel on Sunday, March 11 with the participation of all our colleagues.

Behind our success in 2017, which we brought to an end with 50% growth, the success stories and our corporate culture created by our values in

have played a very important role.

In our meeting, we recalled 17 significant digital transformation success stories that we achieved in the valuable corporations of our country during 2017.

With the 4 approaches we built upon our values and success stories, we will keep improving ourselves and accompanying our customers in their journeys of digital transformation:

These approaches will compose the road map of our 2018 strategy. With the vision granted to us by these approaches, we set our growth target in 2018 to 57%.

In 2018, many initiatives such as Prodigy, which owns our open-source database product; PeopleFocus, which provides next generation human resources services and digitalizes companies’ human resources processes; Innolab, which transforms the knowledge of our company into unique products and platforms, and Edanışman, which provides financial support to our fintech products have been added to our Business Solutions company Renova, cloud company Eplatform and powerful Medyasoft Digital.

We analyzed the market penetration and the achievements of our original product and platforms like Eplatform (Turkcell e-şirket), which allows all the business processes of companies to be managed from one platform; Unigate, our content management system and product development platform; Mantisight, the face recognition and image analysis system; Apptracktion, which provides mobile advertising channel performance and user behaviour analysis; Stafi, our platform that digitalizes HR processes end-to-end; and announced the future visions of these brands.

We look forward to 2018 and afterwards in hope with all of our colleagues who each are separate values, our new works that design the future, and our innovative products and platforms.