A Practical Website for Ford Otosan
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 13.04.2018

A Practical Website for Ford Otosan

By introducing the company with a new web interface and infrastructure, we contributed to the innovative vision of Ford Otosan, continuing its work in accordance with the vision of being Turkey’s most valuable and preferred industrial company by focusing on digital transformation and novelty.
A Practical Website for Ford Otosan

Founded in 1959, Ford Otosan is the largest commercial vehicle production center of Ford in Europe, thanks to its production capacity of 415,000 commercial vehicles, 80,000 engines and 140,000 powertrains. The evaluation carried among the plants of Ford Motor Company, showed Kocaeli and İnönü plants among the “Best Vehicle Production Centers”. Ford Otosan, one of the top 3 exporting companies of Turkey since 2005, has carried its automotive industry championship of 6 consecutive years to Turkey’s import championship in 2015. In 2016, it maintained its leadership by exporting vehicles and parts to 83 countries. Ford Otosan, which employs over 10,000 people, is among the top 30 most valuable companies in Borsa İstanbul.

A new website was needed to accurately reflect Ford Otosan’s corporate size, industry leadership and global vision. Users leaving the website without accessing the information they seek was the primary concern, because the existing website was not mobile-friendly. Additionally, since it had a static infrastructure that lacked a content management system, the updates could not be completed without the assistance of technical support, and this made things very difficult to deal with for business units.

“We chose Medyasoft Digital because it was the company that had the highest motivation level among the companies we were offered to work with, the one who had the most accurate understanding of our needs; and it was the one that came to work already-prepared. (i.e. some of the metrics of the existing website had been researched beforehand).”

Emrullah Kızıltepe / Ford Otosan Teknik Project Manager

Medyasoft Digital fully met the needs of Ford Otosan as a trusted partner in the digital transformation journey with its references, technical competency, award-winning design team and easy-to-use Unigate content management system. They worked jointly with many project stakeholders within Ford Otosan such as Investor Relations, Human Resources and Corporate Communications.

With the digital strategy established at the beginning of the work, Ford Otosan’s website was re-evaluated including every aspect. As part of this strategy, user scenarios, template designs and a graphic design concept to suit the digital trends, user experience and mobile use have been prepared. With the application of this concept to the Unigate content management system, the website acquired a flexible and easily manageable infrastructure.

“Since the corporate website previously had a static infrastructure, neither the documentation nor the content of any page could be edited without getting support from Information Technologies. The greatest change is that now the business units can manage their own contents…. Apart from that, we have a modern application that fits our corporate identity nicely. We can use the website with a stylish display while on mobile as well.”

Emrullah Kızıltepe / Ford Otosan Teknik Project Manager

In the website, numerical information was presented with infographics in a visually comprehensible, interactive way. Website visitors can access financial information and statements, activity reports, investor presentations; filter them by date, and follow investment activities through the calendar. They can also examine the stock charts at various periods and use calculation tools. On the Career page, the visitors can get detailed information about company employee profiles and departments and view statistical information through infographics. On the Media page, they can easily reach press kit as well as social media accounts; and view all products of Ford Otosan at once.

With the launch of the website, technical difficulties experienced by the Ford Otosan business units have also been brought to an end. Having high-resolution images related to Ford Otosan, especially in the Media section, reduced the workload of the corporate communications department by 30%. With the theme colors used to sharpen the distinctions between the sections, the website navigation was facilitated and this was very well received by the users; increasing the time spent on the website by 20%.

The services provided within the project scope:

The products used during the project:

Unigate Content Management System

“I am satisfied with the communications of the Medyasoft Digital company throughout the project, their overall constructiveness and rapport, and the outcome, our website.”

Emrullah Kızıltepe / Ford Otosan Teknik Project Manager