CookShop’s Unique Flavors Meet Unigate’s Excellence!
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 09.04.2015

CookShop’s Unique Flavors Meet Unigate’s Excellence!

CookShop’s unique flavors meet Unigate’s excellence! Medyasoft continues to be the preferred choice of industry leaders with its Unigate™ web platform. Having 11 branches across Turkey, CookShop started using Unigate, which is the first choice of over 100 companies from 15 different industries including aviation, finance, food, and technology.
CookShop’s Unique Flavors Meet Unigate’s Excellence!

Offering fast, reliable and integrated solutions for the digital transformation of enterprises, Medyasoft used its Unigate™ web platform to renew the website of CookShop, who offers a unique dining experience to its guests. With Unigate, which is the top choice of over 100 local and international companies from 15 different industries in Turkey, CookShop will offer a different experience to its online visitors.

CookShop’s renewed website features elements of Andy Warhol’s Pop-Art culture, highlighting vintage design details of the 1950s.

Created with a retrospective approach, prepares to send its visitors on a visual journey in time. The new website appeals to aesthetic tastes of young people, which, next to the unique menu the Company offers its guests, contains details of the 11 branches across Turkey, and photos shared on the CS.Club Instagram profile, all of which are posted by CookShop guests.

Sporting a responsive design, can be viewed through custom interfaces designed for all devices with internet connectivity. Using the lean and modern structure of the Unigate™ platform, all screens and content management panels of the CookShop website were given a simplified structure which can be edited in seconds.

Having the capability to position itself within B2B and B2C e-commerce projects, and to unify service provider utilization for mobile applications, Unigate™ swamps the competition with its ease of use, high level of security, superior performance, flexible interface, and its state-of-the-art technology which can be flexed according to changing needs.