Durukan Confectionary Accelerates In-House Processes with SAP ERP

  • As Renova, using our SAP Consumer Products Industry Rapid Deployment Solution, we provide our customers with a risk-free SAP corporate enterprise resource planning solution with the best business applications in a short time, at advantageous prices.
Durukan Confectionary Accelerates In-House Processes with SAP ERP

We have implemented the Durukan Confectionary Project in 3 months with our fast, ready-to-use application package including Production Planning, Financial Accounting, Sales Distribution, Material Management, Maintenance Support, and Quality Management modules.

Established in 1993 by Durukan family, Durukan Confectionary Inc. has been working with Frito Lay since 1996, producing Rocco Lollipop and Rocco Colorful Dragee Candies. The company, which has achieved  great success with its own brand “Durukan”, is currently exporting to 66 countries and operates with a closed area of 22.000 m2. It has an annual production capacity of 10.000 tons of hard candy and 2.000 tons of dragee candy.

The benefits our customer obtained as a result of the project:

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