Albaraka’s Website Renewed with Unigate Content Management System Infrastructure
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 26.03.2021

Albaraka’s Website Renewed with Unigate Content Management System Infrastructure

Albaraka’s Website Renewed with Unigate Content Management System Infrastructure

A pioneer in interest-free banking in Turkey and a global participation bank, Albaraka Türk Participation Bank provides its customers with various services including individual financing, corporate financing, leasing and project-based profit/loss participation ever since its establishment in 1984 and it currently continues its operations with a workforce of 3,884 employees through a network of 230 local branches with 2 branches abroad.

Albaraka will transform its website in order to provide its customers with rapidly changing content and an excellent experience, hence preferred to use Unigate CMS (Content Management System) infrastructure, a product of Medyasoft, in its upcoming website project.

Within the scope of the project:

With the use of Unigate CMS infrastructure, the content can easily be added and changed by the approval and authorization mechanism of the authorized units without the need to know in-depth technical details.

A secured service has been provided with the infrastructure that is in line with BRSA’s information security policies.

Operational workload has been reduced by utilizing the panel’s recommendation feature for images that will suit the content to be added to the web page.

The CMS user is able to manage any preferred content only by using Unigate without the need for any operational support throughout the content uploading process.

Thanks to Unigate’s flexible, upgradeable and easy-to-learn system architecture, the dependency on external resources for possible upgrades has been eliminated. Albaraka software team will be able to develop add-ons and modules.

Enhanced capabilities for data computation have been added to the website.

By adding Turkish, English and Arabic language options and advanced search features, customers will be able to find quick solutions to their problems and easily access any kind of information they need.

Thanks to Unigate’s unlimited number of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)-compatible page infrastructure features, the new website has been rendered compatible with search engines.

High performance has been achieved thanks to content caching.

Thanks to centralized logging feature, all amendments made on website are now recorded.

A middleware infrastructure has been provided to access customer services and new services.

Use of digital asset management will help reduce risks associated with digital assets and will enable the presentation of these assets through APIs with the help of tags and categories.