The Online Meeting Point of Neurology Specialists
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 05.06.2015

The Online Meeting Point of Neurology Specialists

The online meeting point of neurology specialists,, is online with its brand-new content and responsive design! Medyasoft manages the software, design and content work of the website which enables neurology specialists to access many information related to their area of expertise.
The Online Meeting Point of Neurology Specialists

You will never want to leave when you discover Neuronlines!

With Neuronlines, which aims to cover all therapeutic fields that belong to the neurology discipline, very rich, distinctive and interesting resources will be within your arm’s reach:

You can brush up on your education by watching Turkey’s thought leaders’ presentations about the most delicate parts of therapeutic fields of Neurology.

Neuro Pedia

Neuropedia, which presents a wide range of valuable content, is going to be of immense help to you in the clinic. You will be amazed when you discover the rich content Neuropedia offers.

Neuro Find

Everything about neurology is in Neurobul! When you type in the words you are curious about to the search engine, the content written up by the most important neurology specialists of Turkey is instantly viewed.

Treatment Algorithms

The treatment algorithms with increasingly rich content written by professionals in neurology’s therapeutic fields will help you in the clinic. Besides, the keywords will allow you to easily reach the information you are looking for by using the search engine.

Request an Article

You now have an unmatched resource to access scientific publications! You only need to type in the information required to find the publication to the “Request an Article” area, and it is sent to your registered e-mail address within 3 weekdays.

Tips for Me

Videos professionally crafted by experts regarding many subjects you might need in your occupation will make your life easier!

From time management in the polyclinic to disease process management; simple informatics techniques to dealing with difficult patients, the videos you will watch are both informative and entertaining.

Vademecum Online

The special resource Vademecum, which thousands of doctors frequently consult in all therapeutic fields every day is at the service of Neuronlines members with its online version!

Neuro News

The latest and most important development about the field Neurology from Turkey and all around the world, the brand-new content from Neuronlines, are within your reach with Neuro News.


If you would like to get informed about the most remarkable congresses about neurology in Turkey and the world, there is Neurokongre!

Even if you could not be there, you will be able to closely follow the prominent congresses. The scientific evaluations of the thought leaders attending the conferences, outstanding scientific presentations; videos and photographs are only a click away, wherever in the world you are.

Meet Online

Sign up for new neurology conferences. Watch the previous ones. The live broadcasts of webinars featuring leaders; meetings and satellite symposia are on MeetOnline.

Expert Online

Consult the Neuronlines experts’ opinions to reach a solution.

It has never been easier to consult thought leaders about the challenging cases you face with, and to learn from them! With the “Make an Appointment” option, you can consult Turkey’s leading thought leaders face to face regarding various therapeutic areas at the specified times each month!

If you would like to, you can ask questions about the complicated cases you come across in the clinic by attaching images, vdeos or MRs and get a reply within 5 workdays!

Connect Online

Wherever you are, the Novartis Neurology Team is always by your side! Please indicate your province, and the relevant sales representative will help you with all kinds of questions. You can also view detailed information about Novartis products online, face to face.

Useful Links

The contact information of all leading associations and foundations, databases, relevant official medical associations and unions as well as prominent international medical authorites operating in the field of neurology are gathered in one place.