Yenidoğu Schools Now Has The Most Extensive SAP K12 Project
Yayınlanma Tarihi: 23.06.2016

Yenidoğu Schools Now Has The Most Extensive SAP K12 Project

The Most Extensive SAP K12 Project has been Completed in Yenidoğu Schools
Yenidoğu Schools Now Has The Most Extensive SAP K12 Project

“Renova Consulting is a competent business partner which focuses on the education sector. The outstanding projects they have achieved, their sectoral know-how and competent teams were our primary motivation in choosing to work with Renova. Managing our whole institution from a single, integrated, end-to-end system, perfecting student & parent interaction, monitoring the outcomes and making sure we get the right reports were among our priorities in the project.
Yenidoğu employs practices that are developed for the national system as a whole in pre-schools, primary, secondary and high schools.

It continues its rapid institutionalization process to adopt the Holistic Education System (HES), which is a first in Turkey.
Diven by a modernist, innovative vision, Yenidoğu entrusted its technological infrastructure to SAP in order to actualize its goals as a necessity of the digital age. The cooperation with Renova Consulting, which is the most experienced company of the field, brought about the most extensive SAP K12 project Turkey has ever seen.”

Yunus Emre Gedikli, Chief Operating Officer of Yenidoğu Schools

Project Scope

During the project, all executive processes, educational administration, student-parent interactions and analytical reports of Yenidoğu Schools were phased and addressed with SAP.

1st Phase titles which were implemented in a 5-month period:

Modules which started to be implemented during the 2nd Phase:


Yenidoğu Schools will attain an end-to-end, integrated, transparent, reportable and manageable decision support system. On the other hand, the students, teachers and parents are going to benefit from an infrastructure which sustains an exquisite user experience all around the world for 7 million students in 8.000 educational institutions.

Student learning outcomes will constantly be monitored with the analytical applications developed based on student assessment and evaluation data. As a result of implementing predictive techniques, the rates of achieving student goals will be increased.

Upper management is going to have instant decision support mechanisms with Business Intelligence dashboards. The employees, students and parents will be able to carry out their activities regardless of time and place.

“This is not only a work of software infrastructure, but also an institutional and technological transformation project. An exemplary project is being executed with the visionary staff of Yenidoğu Schools, Renova’s qualified consultants and expertise as well as the business applications of SAP, which were proven to be the best in both Turkey and the world.”

Caner Kürklü, Renova Consulting Business Development Manager

Renova Consulting is the most accomplished SAP Turkey business partner in the projects of education sector. Renova, a Gold Partner, is the first company in Turkey to have a Recognized Expertise certificate documenting its excellence in SAP Education & Research field.

Renova develops world’s strategic education sector solutions based on Turkey’s local conditions and it is the first business partner in the SAP store to have a product in compliance accredited by SAP global in this field. With its professional consultant team, Renova will make the successful SAP project of Yenidoğu Schools an exemplary reference in the world.

SAP identifies the education sector as a strategic area and positions its solutions with business partners across 6 continents in more than 30 countries. Many educational institutions in Turkey has chosen SAP solutions. The largest, most comprehensive SAP K12 project in our country will be carried out with the strategic vision and innovative approach of Yenidoğu Schools.

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